Many loaves of bread making later, I realised that if you add fat such as olive oil or butter in your dough, you tend to get a softer bread. To make it more palatable to to the children, as they like bread soft, I try to make most of my bread with some fat now, [...]

Richard Bertinet’s Dough is the book that I refer to for most of my bread recipe.
His book covers different type of dough, The White, The Olive, The Brown, Rye Dough, and lastly Sweet Dough, and adding different nuts, roots, vege, flavours to different dough, it becomes a different bread, giving variety and ideas of [...]



A Week’s Bread

When I bake bread, I have to make sure I use different flour mixture, nuts to get a variety of flavours so that we don’t have to taste the same bread consecutively.
Here is a week’s installment of bread.
Bread with maize and wheat flour (ratio : 1 to 5) with sunflower seeds. I really love the [...]

Doesn’t it seem like cupcakes are the only thing I ever bake? In fact, bread baking is actually done more frequently; at least twice a week (if not more) since the arrival of the Kithchenaid.
It just so happened that it was my daughter’s birthday and I was making batches after batches of cupcakes for different [...]

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