I made these for my neighbour, Kathy’s MIL’s birthday, the design is exactly the same as the cupcakes I made for the girls’ school party.

And glad she liked it.

The celebration and the baking of cupcakes doesn’t seem to end. I baked another batch of cupcakes for two occasions :
1) for my extended family when we met up for dinner on Zara’s actual birthday
2) to bring to a neighbour’s BBQ lunch

As these are more for adults, I topped it with jelly beans from Jelly [...]

Cupcakes are easy to make, if you burnt one or two in the process, you still have the rest of the lot to fall back on. Unlike a cake, if you burnt it, you’ll have to make them all over again.
I always make mine using butter vanilla flavour. My hubs and I like them plain. [...]

Inspired by all the bakers out there (and motivated by the cost savings you get making them yourself vs buying them), I made my first batch of decorated cupcakes for my daughter’s 3rd birthday in 2007, after that, there’s no turning back.

I hate the plasticky taste of the fondant (a house brand I bought from [...]

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