Interested to Order?

I’m available to take orders if enough notice is given.

Here are items that can be ordered if you are interested :

♥Decorated Biscuit / Cookie♥
Pure butter biscuit/cookie (flavoured with vanilla) decorated with royal icing. No uncooked egg white is used, suitable for children.
Minimum Per order : 30 pieces (4cm biscuit) or fewer if biscuit size is bigger
Refer to this post; this post and this post for photos/sample.

♥Decorated Cupcakes♥
Pure vanilla cupcakes frosted with creamy butter icing. No shortening is used. Suitable for children. Toppings can be customised.
Minimum Per order : 25 medium-small cupcakes.
Refer to this and this for photos/sample.

♥Low Fat Sponge Cake with Soy Bean Frosting♥
Extremely low in fat with soy bean frosting, for the health concious folks. This is also suitable for children.
Cake size 20cm.
Refer to this and this for photos/sample.

♥Hazelnut Torte♥
Rich creamy cake packed with hazelnut. Can be frosted with chocolate ganache or unfrosted.
Cake size 20cm.
Refer to this and this for photo/sample.

♥Biscuits and Cookies♥
Chocolate chip cookies made with Hersheys and peacan nuts (or nuts of your choice), Chocolate almond cookies, Almond Tile Cookies, your choice.
Minimum order quantity depends on biscuit choice.
Refer to this, this and this for photo/sample.

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