With the lack of posting, it seems as though I’d not done any thing for Chinese New Year.
The truth it, the hubs has been away almost whole of January, and I did most of my baking very much later.

It’s been a busy month, to get used to new school routine; to manage without the hubs and doing all the Chinese New Year preparation and shopping almost all on my own. I still managed to get gift boxes made for neighbours and teachers with 2 or 3 varieties of home baked goodies.

The first gift box was given to my eldest daughter’s class teacher (no, I didn’t give her an Ang Pow or red packet, a question raised in FB).
Chinese New Year Gift Box

Every year for Chinese New Year, I’ll be baking chocolate chip cookies. This is my girls’ favourite.
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My own favourite is the Almond Tiles cookies.
Almond Tile Cookies

Light and crunchy, it can be quite addictive.
Almond Tile Cookies

Then another favourite amongst the family member is the Sugee Cake.
Sugee Cake

The cake keeps well in the fridge, so I make this in advance, to be given to each of my family members.
Sugee Cake

I tried to make some sugar / butter biscuit too, but this time, using a biscuit press instead of a cutter. It’s so much easier, and quicker to get this done.
Sugar Biscuit

Sugar BiscuitMy children like them so much they were finished before the Chinese New Year.

It sure looks like I like to stick to recipes I’m familiar with.

There are 2 more new recipes for savoury biscuits that I tried, which I rather like the outcome, will be sharing the recipe next.

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13 Responses to “Chinese New Year Bakes”

  1. allthingspurple Says:

    Hey, Agnes!! YOu have the almond tiles cookie recipe!!! Can I have it? Can share? its my absolute fav!!

  2. zmm Says:

    The recipe I followed is in Chinese. Let me translate it and send to you via FB message.

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