It’s almost end of January now, life is getting slightly busier because my eldest has started Standard 1, and there are more activities and classes that both the children have to attend (and I have to chauffer them to class, and accompanied them in some of their classes).

These were orders that I took in December last year, I was supposed to post these earlier, but….

Anyway, this is just for the record.

Ping Yee who reads my blog, asked if I could bake her daughter’s 4th birthday cupcakes and biscuits as party favours.

The Theme of the party is flower, and she wanted something simple.

These decorated flower biscuits are for the party favours.
Flower Biscuit

Flower Biscuit

Flower Biscuit

And this is Xin Ning’s flower theme birthday cupcakes.
Flower theme cupcakes

Flower theme cupcakes

Flower theme cupcakes

Flower theme cupcakes

Then there’s Ju, the very first person who ordered cupcake for me, asked for simple cupcakes topped with M&Ms.
Cupcakes topped with M&Ms

The Principal from the children’s kindergarten, likes the taste of their birthday cupcakes; so she ordered 50 simple ones (just butter cream with sprinkles) from me for the teachers on last day of school, as a token of appreciation for the hard work the teachers have put in for the school concert.
Cupcake with sprinkles

Cupcake with sprinkles

Cupcake with sprinkles

And for the neighbours, I baked more Christmas tree cookies to be distributed on Christmas eve, while the children happily exchanged presents.
Christmas Tree Cookies

Christmas Tree Cookies

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22 Responses to “December Bakes”

  1. grub Says:

    when i saw those christmas tree cookies, i was amazed! you are one talented baker, decorator and photographer!

  2. Ellie (Almost Bourdain) Says:

    Everything is so beautiful!!! You are so crafty and a very good baker :)

  3. shoppinghaunts Says:

    everything look so delicious!

  4. py Says:

    Thanks for the cupcakes and cookies. They r yummy!

  5. zmm Says:

    Thanks.. I just have steady hands, and still learning. I think you are a great baker and photographer too. Very Japanese style.

    Wow.. that’s really nice of you to say that. So far, you are still the best Ellie, when it comes to baking/cooking. Just so amazed with your talent.

    They are…. :) (self praise a bit)

    Thanks for letting my baked good be part of Xin Ning’s birthday party.

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