My eldest and youngest daughters celebrated their birthdays respectively in November and December.

I made some cupcakes for a joint celebration in their school. I had the cupcake deisgn drawn up, and got approval from both of them. They wanted some kind of ‘lollipop’ toppers. Initially, they wanted lollipop biscuit as toppers, but that will be too time consuming for me to make, so instead, I use fondant.

Here are the cupcakes I made for their joint birthday celebration.

Girls' cupcake for joint birthday celebration in school

Girls' cupcake for joint birthday celebration in school

Girls' cupcake for joint birthday celebration in school

Girls' cupcake for joint birthday celebration in school

On my eldest actual birthday, more cupcakes were made. I was too lazy to think of a new design so I copied the butterfly theme instead.

My eldest's birthday cupcakes

My eldest's birthday cupcakes

My eldest's birthday cupcakes

And for my youngest actual birthday, I wanted to make her a green tea pound cake as she absolutely loves green tea. However, I was using a new recipe, and the recipe had suggested a pan too small. The batter overfilled mid way baking, and the end product was too ugly to be made into a birthday cake (taste wise it was fabulous).

Thanks to Cini, I had 4 cupcakes sent over after she heard about my baking disaster.

My youngest's birthday cupcakes from Creative Cupcakes Creative Bakers

Happy Birthday to My Sugar and Spice.

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15 Responses to “Cupcakes for My Daughters”

  1. grub Says:

    wow! they are beautifully done! my favourite would be the first one topped with a heart hahah! i’d love to have one :) kudos for working so hard for your daughters

    hope you had a merry christmas and a happy new year :D

  2. Babysmooches Says:

    The cupcakes look so pretty.

  3. Irene Says:

    gosh, u want “kai lui” or not? Me… Hehehehe!

  4. nadia Says:

    That’s it lah! I’m going to order from you for Irfan’s birthday. :) )

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