Yesterday marked the last day of school for my children, it’s also the last day of kindergarten for my eldest, as she’ll be entering Primary 1 when school reopens.

Both girls spent 2 years in their current school, and because their school has very low student teacher ratio, they have been very close with a few of their class mates as well as teachers.

Two days before the last day of school, my eldest wrote some cards and gave to a few closest friends, writing down my phone number, and telling them she loves them, and they’ll be BFFs (Best Friend For Ever).

I’m not sure about her, but I was feeling rather sad to see her say good byes to her BFFs; none of her classmates are going to be in the same school as her in Primary 1. To me, it’s like an I-May-Not-See-You-Again kind of good byes. I’ll definitely try to organise some play dates, so that they’ll get to see each other and enjoy each other’s company again.

As for the teachers, they have taught her to be responsible, confident, and out spoken. I just hope the primary school we’re sending her will not reverse all these efforts.

As a token of appreciate, I baked some biscuits for all the teachers in school, since every one of them have either taught my eldest or my youngest.

I made them Little Christmas tree biscuits which have been decorated just a little.

Christmas Tree Biscuit

Christmas Tree Biscuit

They are good to be eaten, and they keep rather well too.
Christmas Tree Biscuit

Christmas Tree Biscuit

I packed them in twos, and got the girls to distribute them yesterday.
Christmas Tree Biscuit

My eldest will definitely cherish her time in the school, and I hope she and some of her friends, will be true BFFs.

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13 Responses to “Gifts to Teachers In School – Christmas Tree Biscuit”

  1. grub Says:

    wow school finished quite early over there. over here, they are still going for primary – students in year 9. so nice of you to bake cookies for the teachers, i think i only did that once :D

  2. Krystal Says:

    After reading your post, I’m feeling kinda sad too that my eldest will be leaving kindy for Std 1 next year. Thanks for sharing! It reminded me that I shld also prepare sthg for the teachers as a token of appreciation and get my son to write some cards for his closest friends.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I think cookies are a nice way to thanks. Your daughter will do fine. She already has learned some important things. Good luck to your little one in primary school (=

  4. Alice Law Says:

    You are such an awesome pastry chef!

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