Wholemeal Buns

I really don’t like the taste of wholemeal bread. As mentioned earlier, everytime I make them, I try to flavour them with nuts or fruits.

These buns were baked a couple of weeks back. When I saw the pack of wholemeal flour being abandoned for so long, I thought I’d better make something with it. The olive oil bread came to my mind.

Using the same recipe as the olive oil bread, I just replaced the maize flour with whole meal flour, and to make it slightly different from the log shaped bread I normally make, I shaped them into buns, coated with different things, i.e. sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, maize flour.

Note : To coat the bread with seeds, dip the proofed dough quickly in a shallow bowl of water or brush it with water, then roll it on a plate of seeds. To coat with flour, just roll dough over flour before resting

Wholemeal buns

The result, a very soft wholemeal bread (the oil made it soft), and the softness retained even after a couple of days kept in an air tight container.

Wholemeal buns

Wholemeal buns

I gave some to my neighbour, and was glad she liked them.

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  1. Ellie (Almost Bourdain) Says:

    Wow! They look so fluffy and soft. Love freshly homemade buns!

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