I’d tried Hazelnut Torte in The Appartment the Curve, and absolutely loved it. I was so happy to come across the recipe in one of my Jamie Oliver cookbook and thought I’ll try it for Christmas eve, a cake that we will use to celebrate my brother’s and my youngest daughter’s birthday.

Since I was baking, I thought I’d bake one for Kathy, my neighbour, who a couple of days ago brought us some goodies from Australia.

The cake didn’t look appealing at all just being bare. I tried to grate some chocolate onto the cake as suggested but the chocolate shavings just won’t stick to the cake. Since I had some left over melted chocolate from the previous baking, I used them and made some chocolate ganache as frosting for the cakes.

Zaria and John's birthday cake

Christmas Cake for Kathy

When we cut the cake after a heavy Christmas eve dinner, and some of the family didn’t want to eat any because they were too full, my eldest said, “This one you must eat, because it’s very nice.” (since she’s tried the *taster when the cake was out of the oven). She’s my best promoter ever!

*When I bake a new cake, I normally put some batter into a cupcake casing and baked it together with the main cake. The ‘cupcake’ will be my taster. That way, I don’t have to cut up the cake to know what it actually tastes like.

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