Part of the pleasure of visiting Organic Cafes or Restaurants in Malaysia is the various ‘Go Green’ magazines, as well as vegetarian recipe books available in the restaurant for customers to go through.
We were trying this new organic restaurant in Boulevard 10 called Chef Low Organic Kitchen, and there on the shelf, I found some [...]

Shereen ordered 60 Minnie cookies from me for her daughter, Janice’s, 1st birthday party.
I turned down her order initially, because I didn’t think I could draw Minnie’s features on 60 cookies, repeatedly. She gave me the solution; she found me the design from the web, and asked if I could do something similar.

There’s [...]

Bitter Gourd is one of the things that I learnt to appreciate only after I got married to my husband. It’s funny how something you didn’t like totally, can transform to something you actually enjoy having after several years. I guess that’s how taste buds are developed.

I like my bitter gourd stuffed with fish paste [...]

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