I used to make lots of business trips to Singapore, and will meet up with colleagues from other part of the world; most of them when asked what they wanted to eat in Singapore, would ultimately say, “Chicken Rice.” (but of course not before they have a crab meal).
Although in Malaysia we have Hainanese [...]

I have a pack of ground hazelnut which is close to expiry, so I thought I’ll find something to make with it.
I scanned through the many Chinese recipe books that I’d bought recently (from the hubs recent trip to China, as well from the Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010) checking the ingredient lists until I spotted [...]

This is not something we can do frequently in Malaysia, unless you live in Cameron Highlands, since strawberries are so expensive here.
However, if you have made a trip to Cameron Highlands, and you have heaps of left over strawberries, especially those which has been bruised during the long car journey, this is what you [...]

The reason for the lack of updates, I was enjoying these……
♥The Breakfast♥

♥The Service♥

♥The Company♥

♥The Beach♥

♥The Beautiful Architecture♥

♥The Deco♥

♥The Detail♥

♥The Restaurant♥

♥The Sight Seeing♥

♥The Rest♥

Grabbing the opportunity to enjoy its opening rate, we had a week’s holidays in the newly opened Westin in Phuket.

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