I just realised that I’m baking, cooking and making things more frequently than I update this site, this is due to the increasing activities that my eldest has to attend, which I have to drive her to; and the earlier bed time routine that I have established. My daughters sleep at 11pm or later. I [...]

In the spirit of Ramadan Month, i.e. the fasting month of Muslims all over the world, I thought I’ll try to make kuih (Malay : bite-sized snack or dessert) just for fun.
(To set the record right, although I do not eat pork, and you won’t see any pork recipe here, I’m not Muslim.)

We were [...]

When making my first batch of decorated biscuits, although it was a lot of work, I kind of enjoy doing it, it also gave me a lot of (personal) satisfaction looking at the end product.
Last weekend, I thought I’ll try making another batch, and my 2 daugthers who were very keen in ‘helping’, [...]

My sister in law went to Shanghai recently to visit the Shanghai Expo, it was a trip organised by MCA. Besides visiting the Shanghai Expo, some sightseeing and shopping are also squeezed in .

I didn’t know she was going, or I would have some asked her to pick up some books and DVDs for me. [...]

The last time I had chicken essence was during the confinement of my second child, the confinement lady made them for me almost alternate day, and although having her, I didn’t have to worry about my daily food, her forgetfulness has left her a mark, litterally. She damaged my well seasoned wok and also left [...]

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