Sue asked if i could make some decorated biscuit for her with Retro design. I had not try decorating biscuits before, so I was a tad reluctant to take the order, because :
1) I don’t know if I can make them to look the way Sue wanted;
2) I’m skeptical about the taste of decorated [...]

When I saw this recipe from Ellie, I had taken a mental note that I will try it one day.
On Sunday, I woke up slightly earlier to go to the wet market to buy a roast duck. And I already thought of making these buns to go with the duck rather than the usual white [...]

Taken from wikipedia :
A génoise cake (Genoese cake or Genovese cake) that does not use any chemical leavening, instead, use air suspended in the batter during mixing to give volume to the cake. It is a whole-egg cake, unlike some other sponge cakes that beat their yolks and whites of the eggs separately.

The first time [...]

The whole family love Pan Mee, all except the man, so he says (but can he refuse Pappardelle?).

Imagine you spent the whole Sunday evening at the kitchen, kneading the dough (ok, maybe I didn’t knead the dough, but my Kitchenaid did), making the chicken condiments, and when it was dinner time, instead of saying “Thank [...]

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