My dad, had a liver tumor and his gall bladder removed this March, hence he has to be on low fat diet.
He celebrated his 75th birthday last weekend. His favourite cake, as well as the family’s, is the sugee cake, which is extremely rich, and I have to resist myself from baking this for [...]

This is for Hiroshi, who tasted his first dragon fruit (which also known as pitaya or pitahaya) in his recent South East Asia trip, and loved every bit of it.

What we get in this part of the world is the red skin dragon fruit; and it comes either with white flesh (which was the one [...]

I love curry puffs. From the simple deep fried ones that are sold by the mak cik (Malay : Auntie) in the Nasi Lemak stalls, filled with just only potato; to the ones which are made with puff pastry sold in the bakery; or even the chunky ones sold by the Chinese men which is [...]

I was glancing and flipping through cook books in the book shop (which is what I like to do when I go to the bookshop with my daughters). One of the books that caught my attention that day was Cupcakes From the Primrose Bakery.

The cover of the book caught my attention, and when I read [...]

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