Chinese New Year is a time we feast, eating together with family and friends.
Since 3 years ago, we’d started hosting the Chinese New Year eve dinner instead of my MIL. My hubs come from a small family, his parents, his eldest sister and his younger brother. Since we started hosting the dinner, we’d been [...]

I’d planned for all the things I wanted to bake during the Chinese New Year break, but haven’t done much because of an unfortunate event. This is also the reason I’d not posted anything for the last 2 weeks, although I was still cooking and baking during this period, and have captured most of the [...]

Richard Bertinet’s Dough is the book that I refer to for most of my bread recipe.
His book covers different type of dough, The White, The Olive, The Brown, Rye Dough, and lastly Sweet Dough, and adding different nuts, roots, vege, flavours to different dough, it becomes a different bread, giving variety and ideas of [...]

I love chocolate chip cookies which are very light and crumbly but crunchy at the same time.
When I was in Sydney attending my best friend’s wedding almost 10 years ago, I happened to try the chocolate chip cookies baked by my friend’s FIL, and that’s exactly how the cookies tasted, light, crumbly and crunchy [...]

Monday was a holiday for me (just me because the hubs and my daughters are working and schooling in Selangor, which was not on holiday). Instead of lazing about (which I really wanted to), I was hard at work and dashing around.
First thing in the morning, I baked 20 cupcakes as I wanted [...]

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