I can call this dish rum infused prawns with caramelised onion, which sounds like a name of a dish in a posh restaurant; or it can be called fried prawns with soya sauce (si-chap har or 酱油爆虾), which will then probably not catch your attention, but means same thing, without the glam.
This fish monger in [...]

I love fried chicken, actually, who doesn’t? So when I saw the Momofuku Fried Chicken recipe posted by Ellie, my first thought was I had to try it.
We have been doing our fried chicken the same way, i.e. season the chicken with salt and pepper, then fry it. Sometimes, we’ll add some tumeric powder, [...]

I was wondering what bread to bake 2 days ago and found a pack of soy flour in my pantry. I thought I’ll try making bread with soy flour then.
Using the same recipe as the Oat and Apricot Wholemeal bread, except the recipe calls for : 400g strong white flour (or bread flour) + [...]

I’m not a fan of wholemeal bread, if I do make wholemeal bread, I have to ‘flavour’ it so that it’s not just ‘wholemeal’ tasting. On Sunday, I chose oat and appricot to add flavour to the bread.
Some find bread making too tedious because of the wait time during resting and proofing, but while the [...]

When I go overseas, I love to visit the wet markets and the supermarkets there. For food halls, Wholefoods in US and City’s Super in Hong Kong are my favourite. I could just spent hours checking out the variety of fresh produce and groceries and the delis available there.
I was so happy when I heard [...]

My youngest’s birthday falls on the 28th December. She didn’t want a celebration like her sister’s, and originally didn’t want any cake as well, but decided to demand for some on the actual day. So I just baked a batch of orange butter cupcakes on her actual birthday to celebrate.
I used the left over chocolate [...]

I’d tried Hazelnut Torte in The Appartment the Curve, and absolutely loved it. I was so happy to come across the recipe in one of my Jamie Oliver cookbook and thought I’ll try it for Christmas eve, a cake that we will use to celebrate my brother’s and my youngest daughter’s birthday.
Since I was baking, [...]

I have always made my pancakes using estimated measurement and ingredients. I.e. some flour, some milk, some sugar, an egg or two, some water. When I cooked them, I used a little bit of oil or butter. The results? Sometimes they turned out ok, sometimes they turned out not bad, i.e. not consistant.
Then I came [...]

My daughters wanted to distribute biscuits to the neighbours for Christmas, so I baked some heart shape butter biscuits for that purpose.
Since I have some cooking chocolate at home, I dipped half of the biscuit in melted chocolate as decoration and also stuck ice cream sticks in to a couple of them (it was difficult [...]

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