I had a few of Jamie Oliver’s books, but I never really follow any of his recipes step by step until recently.
For boxing day, the in-laws were coming over for dinner, and I thought maybe we should just do something Western instead of the daily Chinese cooking we have. Bought 2 small chickens (each [...]



A Week’s Bread

When I bake bread, I have to make sure I use different flour mixture, nuts to get a variety of flavours so that we don’t have to taste the same bread consecutively.
Here is a week’s installment of bread.
Bread with maize and wheat flour (ratio : 1 to 5) with sunflower seeds. I really love the [...]

Doesn’t it seem like cupcakes are the only thing I ever bake? In fact, bread baking is actually done more frequently; at least twice a week (if not more) since the arrival of the Kithchenaid.
It just so happened that it was my daughter’s birthday and I was making batches after batches of cupcakes for different [...]

If you like baking, one of the best investment you could make is to get yourself a Kitchenaid stand mixer.
After many weeks of going to the shops to check it out, justifying myself and to hubs, comparing prices in different shops etc etc; I finally got mine early August.
I bought the Kitchenaid Artisan, [...]

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