I made these for my neighbour, Kathy’s MIL’s birthday, the design is exactly the same as the cupcakes I made for the girls’ school party.

And glad she liked it.

The celebration and the baking of cupcakes doesn’t seem to end. I baked another batch of cupcakes for two occasions :
1) for my extended family when we met up for dinner on Zara’s actual birthday
2) to bring to a neighbour’s BBQ lunch

As these are more for adults, I topped it with jelly beans from Jelly [...]

Cupcakes are easy to make, if you burnt one or two in the process, you still have the rest of the lot to fall back on. Unlike a cake, if you burnt it, you’ll have to make them all over again.
I always make mine using butter vanilla flavour. My hubs and I like them plain. [...]

My 5 year old is very into mermaids these days; ask her who her favourite princess is, and she’ll say it’s Ariel; and she always pretends to be one by ’swimming’ (more like slithering actually) around the house with a cloth over her legs (that’s her tail).
For her 5th birthday, I decided to make her [...]

Cupcakes are great for parties; as the individual cake makes serving convenient, even more so when there are children among the guests.
For my daughter’s 4th birthday, I was looking around for someone who could make nice looking cupcakes for a reasonable price. I needed about 60 of them, it would cost me a lot if [...]

Inspired by all the bakers out there (and motivated by the cost savings you get making them yourself vs buying them), I made my first batch of decorated cupcakes for my daughter’s 3rd birthday in 2007, after that, there’s no turning back.

I hate the plasticky taste of the fondant (a house brand I bought from [...]

My maternal grandma and my mum were great cooks.
My ealier childhood memory of food were birthday cakes rich with butter icing, the delicious zhong or rice dumpling which kept us craving for more, the fragrant of char-siu (bbq pork) roasting in the oven, the fried wontons that had to be rationed; even a simple [...]

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