The reason for the lack of updates, I was enjoying these……
♥The Breakfast♥

♥The Service♥

♥The Company♥

♥The Beach♥

♥The Beautiful Architecture♥

♥The Deco♥

♥The Detail♥

♥The Restaurant♥

♥The Sight Seeing♥

♥The Rest♥

Grabbing the opportunity to enjoy its opening rate, we had a week’s holidays in the newly opened Westin in Phuket.

When I go overseas, I love to visit the wet markets and the supermarkets there. For food halls, Wholefoods in US and City’s Super in Hong Kong are my favourite. I could just spent hours checking out the variety of fresh produce and groceries and the delis available there.
I was so happy when I heard [...]

If you like baking, one of the best investment you could make is to get yourself a Kitchenaid stand mixer.
After many weeks of going to the shops to check it out, justifying myself and to hubs, comparing prices in different shops etc etc; I finally got mine early August.
I bought the Kitchenaid Artisan, [...]

The celebration and the baking of cupcakes doesn’t seem to end. I baked another batch of cupcakes for two occasions :
1) for my extended family when we met up for dinner on Zara’s actual birthday
2) to bring to a neighbour’s BBQ lunch

As these are more for adults, I topped it with jelly beans from Jelly [...]

My 5 year old is very into mermaids these days; ask her who her favourite princess is, and she’ll say it’s Ariel; and she always pretends to be one by ’swimming’ (more like slithering actually) around the house with a cloth over her legs (that’s her tail).
For her 5th birthday, I decided to make her [...]

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