In the spirit of Ramadan Month, i.e. the fasting month of Muslims all over the world, I thought I’ll try to make kuih (Malay : bite-sized snack or dessert) just for fun.
(To set the record right, although I do not eat pork, and you won’t see any pork recipe here, I’m not Muslim.)

We were [...]

My sister in law went to Shanghai recently to visit the Shanghai Expo, it was a trip organised by MCA. Besides visiting the Shanghai Expo, some sightseeing and shopping are also squeezed in .

I didn’t know she was going, or I would have some asked her to pick up some books and DVDs for me. [...]

The last time I had chicken essence was during the confinement of my second child, the confinement lady made them for me almost alternate day, and although having her, I didn’t have to worry about my daily food, her forgetfulness has left her a mark, litterally. She damaged my well seasoned wok and also left [...]

When I saw this recipe from Ellie, I had taken a mental note that I will try it one day.
On Sunday, I woke up slightly earlier to go to the wet market to buy a roast duck. And I already thought of making these buns to go with the duck rather than the usual white [...]

The whole family love Pan Mee, all except the man, so he says (but can he refuse Pappardelle?).

Imagine you spent the whole Sunday evening at the kitchen, kneading the dough (ok, maybe I didn’t knead the dough, but my Kitchenaid did), making the chicken condiments, and when it was dinner time, instead of saying “Thank [...]

Did you realise everytime you make a visit to Cameron Highlands, you come back craving for scones? Such is the case with my friend, Michelle, who came back screaming for scones, and in the process influenced me into baking some as well.

It’s not her influence that I love scones. Something about its buttery, doughy, crumbly [...]

I love the taste of Ayam Pongteh, the chicken and potato stew that is cooked with preserved bean paste (tau-chu), Nonya style. I had made it a couple of times for dinner, and it was a hit with the children.
One day, I bought a small tub of light miso from the organic shop, and [...]

We all have tasted or used nutmeg one way or another, and most of the time, it’s the spice that we use, which is produced from the seed. The flesh of the nutmeg, if we’d eaten before, will be pickled or shredded with sugar.

Have you tried the juice before? Not common in KL, but [...]

Chiffon cake can be bought for RM4 per whole cake in the night market in KL. Therefore, I’d never thought of making one since they are so cheap and widely available. That is until I saw the recipe for Green Tea Chiffon Cake in Okashi Sweet Treats Made With Love by Keiko Ishida.

Kids love [...]

My dad, had a liver tumor and his gall bladder removed this March, hence he has to be on low fat diet.
He celebrated his 75th birthday last weekend. His favourite cake, as well as the family’s, is the sugee cake, which is extremely rich, and I have to resist myself from baking this for [...]

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