Today is Donzhi (冬至) Festival or Winter Solstice.
Scientifically From Wikipedia it means :
The winter solstice occurs exactly when the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun at its maximum of 23° 26′. Though the winter solstice lasts only a moment in time, the term is also a turning point to midwinter or the [...]

Part of the pleasure of visiting Organic Cafes or Restaurants in Malaysia is the various ‘Go Green’ magazines, as well as vegetarian recipe books available in the restaurant for customers to go through.
We were trying this new organic restaurant in Boulevard 10 called Chef Low Organic Kitchen, and there on the shelf, I found some [...]

I live in a housing area which is rather far from a lot of things, especially commercial buildings/centres. It was a far cry from where my family house was, conveniently located near Mid Valley Mega Mall, where I lived for 20years of my life. It took me a while (and some cursing and swearing) to [...]

A couple of weeks back, my SIL gave me a challenge. She ordered a cake I’d never made before for her to bring to the office. I saw it as a challenge, because if I’d not made it before, I don’t know how it tastes, and if it’ll be nice enough to be served?

I gave [...]

Instead of using Savoiardi Italian Ladyfingers, which is rather expensive, for the Green Tea Tiramisu, I made the lady fingers or biscuit sponge myself.

It’s actually quite easy to make, but of course, being my first attempt, I didn’t know quite how to space or pipe it, they didn’t turn out to be perfectly shaped. Nonetheless, [...]

Last week I celebrated my birthday.

My hubs is the kind who cannot seem to be able to remember my birthday or aniversary dates unless I remind him or the children remind him, he has been getting the dates wrong like forever. He’s also not the sort who’s bothered to spend effort to do something [...]

I used to make lots of business trips to Singapore, and will meet up with colleagues from other part of the world; most of them when asked what they wanted to eat in Singapore, would ultimately say, “Chicken Rice.” (but of course not before they have a crab meal).
Although in Malaysia we have Hainanese [...]

I have a pack of ground hazelnut which is close to expiry, so I thought I’ll find something to make with it.
I scanned through the many Chinese recipe books that I’d bought recently (from the hubs recent trip to China, as well from the Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010) checking the ingredient lists until I spotted [...]

This is not something we can do frequently in Malaysia, unless you live in Cameron Highlands, since strawberries are so expensive here.
However, if you have made a trip to Cameron Highlands, and you have heaps of left over strawberries, especially those which has been bruised during the long car journey, this is what you [...]

I just realised that I’m baking, cooking and making things more frequently than I update this site, this is due to the increasing activities that my eldest has to attend, which I have to drive her to; and the earlier bed time routine that I have established. My daughters sleep at 11pm or later. I [...]

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