With the lack of posting, it seems as though I’d not done any thing for Chinese New Year.
The truth it, the hubs has been away almost whole of January, and I did most of my baking very much later.
It’s been a busy month, to get used to new school routine; to manage without the hubs [...]

Did you realise everytime you make a visit to Cameron Highlands, you come back craving for scones? Such is the case with my friend, Michelle, who came back screaming for scones, and in the process influenced me into baking some as well.

It’s not her influence that I love scones. Something about its buttery, doughy, crumbly [...]

I’d been so busy with my Dad’s surgery, and being based in Singapore, I have no chance to bake nor cook (except the porridge and soup that I boiled for my dad) for 2 weeks.
After resting for a couple of days from the hectic and anxious Singapore trip, the baking resumed. This time I did [...]

I’d planned for all the things I wanted to bake during the Chinese New Year break, but haven’t done much because of an unfortunate event. This is also the reason I’d not posted anything for the last 2 weeks, although I was still cooking and baking during this period, and have captured most of the [...]

Monday was a holiday for me (just me because the hubs and my daughters are working and schooling in Selangor, which was not on holiday). Instead of lazing about (which I really wanted to), I was hard at work and dashing around.
First thing in the morning, I baked 20 cupcakes as I wanted [...]

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