I love curry puffs. From the simple deep fried ones that are sold by the mak cik (Malay : Auntie) in the Nasi Lemak stalls, filled with just only potato; to the ones which are made with puff pastry sold in the bakery; or even the chunky ones sold by the Chinese men which is [...]

Both hubs and I are great fan of mushrooms, especially button and portobello. I saw this recipe from Baking by James Peterson and thought it was rather easy to make, and it uses puff pastry which I normally have a roll (ready made ones) in the freezer because my daughters love puff pastry.
So I made [...]

I bought a free range chicken on the weekend, and planned to cook the chicken whole. Hubs and the girls aren’t a great fan of steam chicken, so I thought I’ll try to make soy sauce chicken (卤鸡) instead.
I adapted the recipe from Rasa Malaysia, changing it based on what I have in the kitchen, [...]

I can call this dish rum infused prawns with caramelised onion, which sounds like a name of a dish in a posh restaurant; or it can be called fried prawns with soya sauce (si-chap har or 酱油爆虾), which will then probably not catch your attention, but means same thing, without the glam.
This fish monger in [...]

I love fried chicken, actually, who doesn’t? So when I saw the Momofuku Fried Chicken recipe posted by Ellie, my first thought was I had to try it.
We have been doing our fried chicken the same way, i.e. season the chicken with salt and pepper, then fry it. Sometimes, we’ll add some tumeric powder, [...]

I had a few of Jamie Oliver’s books, but I never really follow any of his recipes step by step until recently.
For boxing day, the in-laws were coming over for dinner, and I thought maybe we should just do something Western instead of the daily Chinese cooking we have. Bought 2 small chickens (each [...]

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