*sweep away the cobwebs on this site*
Gosh, I’d been neglecting my blogs.
Being busy is one, feeling sluggish is another one. Every night, when I get the kids ready for bed, I too feel like hitting the sack together with them. I’m still trying to get used to the school routine, and all the homework [...]

I made these for Chinese New Year, and my eldest absolutely loved it. She told me these are like home made Cheezles, very healthy. Ha.

We all know using best ingredients is key to baking, but sometimes, we just thought.. what if??
That’s what I did this round. The first batch I baked, I used parmessan [...]

If we eat in on Sundays, dinner is always something simple.
I’d always liked the Pasta that is served in Pasta Zanmai, which has strong Japanese flavour, so I was very happy when I saw this recipe of black sesame sauce for pasta, which was written by a Japanese author.

Here is something which you can [...]

I remember my maternal grandma used to make really good Sambal Hae Bee or Sambal dried shrimp. It’s a sambal that goes well with almost anything, fish, chicken, vegetables either as a condiment or used it as an ingredient for cooking the dish. Served with plain rice or sprinkled on a bowl of instant noodle, [...]

Part of the pleasure of visiting Organic Cafes or Restaurants in Malaysia is the various ‘Go Green’ magazines, as well as vegetarian recipe books available in the restaurant for customers to go through.
We were trying this new organic restaurant in Boulevard 10 called Chef Low Organic Kitchen, and there on the shelf, I found some [...]

Bitter Gourd is one of the things that I learnt to appreciate only after I got married to my husband. It’s funny how something you didn’t like totally, can transform to something you actually enjoy having after several years. I guess that’s how taste buds are developed.

I like my bitter gourd stuffed with fish paste [...]

I live in a housing area which is rather far from a lot of things, especially commercial buildings/centres. It was a far cry from where my family house was, conveniently located near Mid Valley Mega Mall, where I lived for 20years of my life. It took me a while (and some cursing and swearing) to [...]

I used to make lots of business trips to Singapore, and will meet up with colleagues from other part of the world; most of them when asked what they wanted to eat in Singapore, would ultimately say, “Chicken Rice.” (but of course not before they have a crab meal).
Although in Malaysia we have Hainanese [...]

The whole family love Pan Mee, all except the man, so he says (but can he refuse Pappardelle?).

Imagine you spent the whole Sunday evening at the kitchen, kneading the dough (ok, maybe I didn’t knead the dough, but my Kitchenaid did), making the chicken condiments, and when it was dinner time, instead of saying “Thank [...]

I love the taste of Ayam Pongteh, the chicken and potato stew that is cooked with preserved bean paste (tau-chu), Nonya style. I had made it a couple of times for dinner, and it was a hit with the children.
One day, I bought a small tub of light miso from the organic shop, and [...]

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