With the lack of posting, it seems as though I’d not done any thing for Chinese New Year.
The truth it, the hubs has been away almost whole of January, and I did most of my baking very much later.
It’s been a busy month, to get used to new school routine; to manage without the hubs [...]

Most of the time, before baking, I’ll look at what I have in the pantry, and then will search through my recipe books to find a recipe that uses the ingredients that I have. This is actually a very ineficient way of doing things, flipping through the many books that I have and looking at [...]

I have a pack of ground hazelnut which is close to expiry, so I thought I’ll find something to make with it.
I scanned through the many Chinese recipe books that I’d bought recently (from the hubs recent trip to China, as well from the Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010) checking the ingredient lists until I spotted [...]

I’d been so busy with my Dad’s surgery, and being based in Singapore, I have no chance to bake nor cook (except the porridge and soup that I boiled for my dad) for 2 weeks.
After resting for a couple of days from the hectic and anxious Singapore trip, the baking resumed. This time I did [...]

I love chocolate chip cookies which are very light and crumbly but crunchy at the same time.
When I was in Sydney attending my best friend’s wedding almost 10 years ago, I happened to try the chocolate chip cookies baked by my friend’s FIL, and that’s exactly how the cookies tasted, light, crumbly and crunchy [...]

My youngest’s birthday falls on the 28th December. She didn’t want a celebration like her sister’s, and originally didn’t want any cake as well, but decided to demand for some on the actual day. So I just baked a batch of orange butter cupcakes on her actual birthday to celebrate.
I used the left over chocolate [...]

I’d tried Hazelnut Torte in The Appartment the Curve, and absolutely loved it. I was so happy to come across the recipe in one of my Jamie Oliver cookbook and thought I’ll try it for Christmas eve, a cake that we will use to celebrate my brother’s and my youngest daughter’s birthday.
Since I was baking, [...]

My daughters wanted to distribute biscuits to the neighbours for Christmas, so I baked some heart shape butter biscuits for that purpose.
Since I have some cooking chocolate at home, I dipped half of the biscuit in melted chocolate as decoration and also stuck ice cream sticks in to a couple of them (it was difficult [...]

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