I have a pack of ground hazelnut which is close to expiry, so I thought I’ll find something to make with it.
I scanned through the many Chinese recipe books that I’d bought recently (from the hubs recent trip to China, as well from the Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010) checking the ingredient lists until I spotted [...]

When making my first batch of decorated biscuits, although it was a lot of work, I kind of enjoy doing it, it also gave me a lot of (personal) satisfaction looking at the end product.
Last weekend, I thought I’ll try making another batch, and my 2 daugthers who were very keen in ‘helping’, [...]

Sue asked if i could make some decorated biscuit for her with Retro design. I had not try decorating biscuits before, so I was a tad reluctant to take the order, because :
1) I don’t know if I can make them to look the way Sue wanted;
2) I’m skeptical about the taste of decorated [...]

I’d been so busy with my Dad’s surgery, and being based in Singapore, I have no chance to bake nor cook (except the porridge and soup that I boiled for my dad) for 2 weeks.
After resting for a couple of days from the hectic and anxious Singapore trip, the baking resumed. This time I did [...]

I’d planned for all the things I wanted to bake during the Chinese New Year break, but haven’t done much because of an unfortunate event. This is also the reason I’d not posted anything for the last 2 weeks, although I was still cooking and baking during this period, and have captured most of the [...]

I love chocolate chip cookies which are very light and crumbly but crunchy at the same time.
When I was in Sydney attending my best friend’s wedding almost 10 years ago, I happened to try the chocolate chip cookies baked by my friend’s FIL, and that’s exactly how the cookies tasted, light, crumbly and crunchy [...]

Monday was a holiday for me (just me because the hubs and my daughters are working and schooling in Selangor, which was not on holiday). Instead of lazing about (which I really wanted to), I was hard at work and dashing around.
First thing in the morning, I baked 20 cupcakes as I wanted [...]

My daughters wanted to distribute biscuits to the neighbours for Christmas, so I baked some heart shape butter biscuits for that purpose.
Since I have some cooking chocolate at home, I dipped half of the biscuit in melted chocolate as decoration and also stuck ice cream sticks in to a couple of them (it was difficult [...]

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