I just realised that I’m baking, cooking and making things more frequently than I update this site, this is due to the increasing activities that my eldest has to attend, which I have to drive her to; and the earlier bed time routine that I have established. My daughters sleep at 11pm or later. I [...]

My sister in law went to Shanghai recently to visit the Shanghai Expo, it was a trip organised by MCA. Besides visiting the Shanghai Expo, some sightseeing and shopping are also squeezed in .

I didn’t know she was going, or I would have some asked her to pick up some books and DVDs for me. [...]

This is for Hiroshi, who tasted his first dragon fruit (which also known as pitaya or pitahaya) in his recent South East Asia trip, and loved every bit of it.

What we get in this part of the world is the red skin dragon fruit; and it comes either with white flesh (which was the one [...]

I’m not a fan of wholemeal bread, if I do make wholemeal bread, I have to ‘flavour’ it so that it’s not just ‘wholemeal’ tasting. On Sunday, I chose oat and appricot to add flavour to the bread.
Some find bread making too tedious because of the wait time during resting and proofing, but while the [...]

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